Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Well, well, well. Better late than never. When I started my first capsule wardrobe in the fall, I intended to make a joint Fall/Winter capsule because California.  The majority of it consisted of items that I have had for YEARS. Like, high school graduate days. The wear and tear of time and gaining and losing 30ish pounds every year (thank you 3 babies) just led to the clothes not being in the best condition and shortly after I posted my capsule, pieces started falling apart left and right.

Right now, my winter capsule is kind of in limbo because we had “winter” for about a week last month, then it was in the 80’s all last week, and now it’s gloomy beach weather, so it’s kinda of a mismatch of items that are left over from fall, and some that will be transitioning to my spring capsule.

If you’re new to capsule wardrobing, read everything on here.

The Wardrobe


Cat sweater: old J.Crew

Fair Isle sweater: Madewell

Hello sweatshirt: Hello Apparel

Gold heart sweatshirt: J.Crew


Grey sweater: No idea, so old. Urban Outfitters?

Yellow vest: old Anthropologie

Light Chambray: old J.Crew

Dark Chambray: old AnthropologieIMG_8650

Grey with gold heart shirt: J.Crew

Rust v-neck: old Madewell

Beige long-sleeve and yellow v-neck: Target


Red long-sleeve: Anthropologie

Black blouse: Anthropologie

Grey long-sleeve: Anthropologie

Blue long-sleeve: Anthropologie

(Thank you Black Friday/Christmas sales!)


Shorts: J.Crew

Leggings: LuLaRoe

Black Jeans: Gap

Stretchy Jeans: Gap

Okay, why do these pants look so awk!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ IMG_8653

Yellow and grey stripe skirt: old Anthropologie

Black dot skirt: Madewell

Green dress: Anthropologie

IMG_8654Brown Flats: Seychelles (via Amazon)

Black sneakers: Nike

Multi-color mocs: 2568 Shoes 

Red mocs: Minnetonka 

Boots: Sam Edelman (via Amazon)

Black Flats: Anthropologie



There are still so many flaws in this wardrobe. Like those first two sweaters. I have worn them maybe once or twice so far. It just isn’t that cold! I need to remember where I live and that easy layers is where it’s at. Chilly mornings and evenings with warm afternoons almost always.

Also the skirts. Mine are very much church clothes and hard to be dressed down. Maybe I need better shirts that go with them? I don’t know. I need to figure that out. Luckily they are all complied from over the years so haven’t recently blown money on them because of how nursing friendly they are, but now I know to not even bother looking at the skirt sections online and can move back over to my preferred dresses because Prim is such a stink and is following in Atlas’ footsteps and won’t nurse out in public anymore.

Another issue is that I have always had really hard time finding shoes I like up until recently, and I think that’s somewhere in the capsule that can use a little bit more attention and development. I have a few pairs on my radar that I’m waiting to snatch up (and they aren’t brown! Change!).

Lastly, I feel like I was pretty idealistic with what would fit me postpartum when making my fall capsule. Breastfeeding just isn’t cutting it like it has in the past which has led me to start working out at a gym a couple times a week, so rather than assuming the baby weight will drop quickly like it has in the past, I just need to accept that after 3 babies, it’s just not going to happen for me overnight and shop according to where I am now in this season of my life, not where I used to be or where I think I should be.

Up Next

I’m starting to scout things for my Spring (maybe Spring/Summer) Capsule that I hope to have assembled by mid March. I’m on the search for white shoes (flats or boots), high waisted cut-off jean shorts, nicer t-shirts that won’t have tiny holes after a few washes, and maybe some dresses that can be dressed up or down.

I love being able to quickly throw together an outfit without having to dig around my closet searching for something appropriate….that is as long as I am actually caught up on laundry.



I am a 17 yo single girl + I don’t know how to make it not weird that I read yo blog (+ blythe’s!) allll the times. I do + it is. but I love it. keep writin’, mama!!

Dana Vickers

For shoes: UGG, Sanuk, Tsubo. Check them out! Anything not on sale I can get a good deal on (something to keep in mind ;) )

Amy B

Check out Everlane for tees. I am in a similar perpetual pregnant or breastfeeding situation and they are a wardrobe staple for me!

Jenna Wilber

Honestly, a bunch of it ended up having to be trashed! If not trashed, then I sold it/donated it because it didn’t fit well. :/


Another vote for Everlane tees. I got a few for Christmas and since I do live wear it’s cold I’ve been layering them under sweaters and they’re so soft. I can’t wait to wear them on their own as it warms up.


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