This weekend included:

  • A trip to Whole Foods
  • The Ventura art walk
  • Beignets in Santa Paula.
  • Brick oven pizza in the Merring backyard (unfortunately not pictured)


It’s wonderful in Ventura this time of year.

Here we are packing up for a walk down the street to pick up our raw milk.

Oliver’s Birth Story

With the upcoming arrival of Atlas, I thought I’d better finish writing Oliver’s birth story before I have another one to write! I started this about a year ago and now I feel I’m finally in a good place to finish it and share it with others. <3


August 27th 2010

After a night out at Buca di Beppo with Daniel, Mal and Eric, we came back home to their house in Aurora, CO. Daniel and I retreated down to the basement (where we were staying until we moved to our apartment in Denver) and I decided that I might as well take a pregnancy test because we had a couple and I was due to start my period that day. So I’m in the bathroom peeing and talking to Daniel about who knows what. As soon as my pee ran up the stick a second line immediately appeared. Shocked, I say, “Sweeeeeeeetie!?” in an unsure voice. I showed him the test. POSITIVE. My first thought was – false positive. So I took another. POSITIVE. I tell Daniel that it might be that brand, so he runs out and picks up another pack. I take 2 more. Both POSITIVE. Amina and Blythe assure me that I am pregnant. The next morning I take another one just to be absolutely sure (and hCG levels are the highest with morning pee) and yep. I was pregnant! Sooooo happy! It might seem like I took so many tests because I was hoping for a negative, but on the contrary, I wanted to be so sure that I was before I got excited.


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