Top 10 Newborn Items

I love reading these types of lists because I love learning about things that may be a life changer (and I’m also not very cool and extremely cautious so I’m usually not the first to discover something that’s amazing). Bloggers always have a well designed photo that features all the items with numbers next to it, but I don’t know how to do that. (If there is a photo inserted here it’s because I caved and made Daniel do it once the boys were asleep).

1. Arms Reach CoSleeper


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7 Quick Takes: Catch up

Just going to jump right in…

1. 5 Kitchen Items

Inspired by Blythe Inspired by Kate, here are Daniel’s top 5 favorite kitchen items:

1. “You…thanks Kirby. No but really, no kids.”


He really loves locking the kids out of the kitchen and our new house is pretty good at that with the side door to the hallway and baby gate.

2.  ”Our juicer for making grapefruit juice.”

We just have some cheap Black and Decker we got as a wedding gift that we didn’t use until this year.

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How to Sleep with 2 Littles and a Pregnant Belly

The title is deceiving because I’m figuring it out and need some advice. This morning I had Atlas on one arm and Ollie on the other while I was flat on my back with my 22 week belly weighing down towards my lungs and I had a quite overdramatic picture of myself as Christ on the cross and my two children were the nails securing me against the bed (infinite eye roll).

My sleep situation is very similar to this lady on Aha Parenting in the sense that Ollie fights going to sleep in his bed every night (wants our bed) but has actually been sleeping and STAYING in his bed all night until around 6:45am for the past week which is a complete 180 from just a couple weeks ago where he’d sneak into our bed by 10:30pm (please don’t jinx it!).

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7 Quick Takes: Noobie

I’m really bad at blogging but something I always love are 7 quick takes. Short and sweet and totally doable and 100% off topic but still on topic. Perfect.


So today is day 3 of straight up no diapers all day (still a nighttime diaper because I don’t feel like washing bedding everyday). He’s been so great telling me when he needs to go when we’re out. Just had one accident while out when I was in the confessional (¯_(ツ)_/¯). Poops however…

How cute are little butts in little undies.


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