Surrendering in the NICU


As many of you know, Oliver’s birth was very challenging. Summed up, after a 20 hour hard hard hard labor, Oliver wasn’t breathing when he was born and transferred to a hospital and eventually was diagnosed to have had congenital pneumonia and pulmonary hemorrhaging. Big long term problems were thrown out like hearing loss, permanent brain damage and the like.

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Disney Photospammy and Answer Me This

Happy Tuesday!
We spent Sunday at California Adventure, which was hmmm, tiring. It was soooo hot out and the park was super crowded. (The Bancroft’s who also happened to be going had to park at the convention center!). We spent most of our time in Cars Land (Ollie almost always has a car in his hand, hence the #carsineveryphoto hashtag on instagram).

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7QT: Saturday Edition

1. One Hot Mess

I loveeeee Blythe’s new linkup. It’s so great because we are all guilty of loving other people’s messes so we don’t feel so alone in this craziness. My contribution would probably be Atlas’ pink eye. I took him to the pediatrician and we got antibiotic drops on Thursday and they haven’t helped at all. This morning one eye was sealed shut and the other finally had goop. Looks like he probably has viral conjunctivitis which means we just ride it out. He has been in good spirits though, despite the eye boogers, nose boogers, ear waxxx, and a low fever.  :(

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Why Not and Answer Me This

Why Not?
I’ve been asking myself this recently in terms of letting my kids do certain things. I’m quick to say no because I don’t want to have a bigger mess to clean, or to take longer doing something, or even because I don’t want to get up from where I’m sitting (okay, cut me some slack. I’m pregnant.) I’ve instead asked myself why not? Why can’t Oliver play superheroes in our bed when we wake up in the morning? Why can’t we go to the park after dinner? Why can’t I read another story? So, I’ve been trying to say yes more than no and I’ve noticed I at least feel better about it. Atlas seems to tantrum less, too. (Yes, tantrum. Have I mentioned how 1 year olds are way worse than the “terrible twos”?).

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From 2 to 3

I’ve been wanting to write about this for quite some time now and was debating whether I should just save this struggle for baby #3’s birth story. Blythe’s post about Mary (and yes, I’m going to link to Blythe’s blog in every post) really sparked me wanting to write down how I’ve come to terms with this pregnancy.

After having our second baby, Daniel and I were both set upon not getting pregnant again for a few years for a number of reasons. We wanted to be able to devote more time to our two boys and take trips. We wanted to pay off our student loans and debt. We wanted to have a bigger spacing between babes because our transition to 2 was pretty difficult for the first few months (extremely attached to mama and still nursing Oliver + everything that is a newborn + learning to divide my attention + recovering from an emotionally and physically challenging birth etc etc etc). I remember us driving back from our annual Big Sur camping trip in October and talking about how guilty I felt that I don’t want a big family and trying to figure out what that means for us and starting to really implement natural family planning as we were on our way to becoming Catholic. We were so set that if we would just be overly cautious for the next few years (lolololol) we would be good. Not to say that we didn’t want more kids, just that WE felt and thought we needed more time.

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