As I sit here writing this during the commercial breaks of The Bachelorette, I’m trying to figure out how to even start to unfold the crazies that have happened the past few days. I really really don’t want to complain buuuuuuuuuuut I’m gonna.


It’s 104 degrees in Ventura and 104 degrees in Atlas’ body. Not to forget to mention that he has 6 teeth cutting (including 4 molars) and an awful diaper rash. I figured his fever was due to the teeth and extreme heat. That evening he just wants to lay on me on the couch which makes packing and cleaning a bit hard to accomplish.


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7QT: Birthday, Robot Hands, Swimsuits

1. Oliver’s Birthday

Instead of coming to our bed in the morning, Ollie went out to his presents by the couch and started opening them while we were all asleep! He got a little Planes Lego duplo set, Dinoco Lightning McQueen (He’s been asking for this over a year now and I finally bought it on ebay!), and a Kid O magnetab.

He had his 3 year check up in the morning (35 inches, 28.5 lbs).

He said the gown was “just so comfy.”

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One Hot Mess – Not Your Birthday So No, You Can Not Cry If You Want To

Atlas does not care that it’s Oliver’s birthday. Or maybe he does really care which is why he is pulling out all his attention seeking tricks. Maybe he’s just sick and also teething which is why he has slept so awful the last couple nights. I don’t know. It’s something because this stinker is extra stinky today. 

image image

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Surrendering in the NICU


As many of you know, Oliver’s birth was very challenging. Summed up, after a 20 hour hard hard hard labor, Oliver wasn’t breathing when he was born and transferred to a hospital and eventually was diagnosed to have had congenital pneumonia and pulmonary hemorrhaging. Big long term problems were thrown out like hearing loss, permanent brain damage and the like.

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