Vacation All I Ever Wanted

We’re back (technically not yet…writing this one handed on my phone on the airplane while Atlas and Oliver bless us with a nap)!

If someone told me 5 years that I would be homesick for the burbs while staying in an amazing apartment in New York I wouldn’t believe it. (If someone told me about most aspects of my current life 5 years ago I wouldn’t believe it). Can’t wait to drive my compact SUV to Trader Joe’s and Target and maybe even Whole Foods for a coffee.

New York has so many amazing things about it. Pretty much everything besides being family friendly. Stairs.stairs.stairs. High chairs are like 4 leaf clovers.

I’ve never received so many looks of pure disgust walking down the street! I was a spectacle!?

“Wow. You’re courageous.”

“Oh gosh. You’re brave.”


Trying realllllll hard to look past the fact that I ruined 2 pairs of shoes, stained probably every shirt I brought, Atlas and Ollie have colds, Ollie is catching up on his terrible twos he missed out on and how I foolishly made an OB appt for tomorrow morning.

But we saw Martha Stewart and Kirsten Dunst so there’s that.


What else, what elseeee….

Amidst the chaos of this week, Daniel and I settled on our Babymoon/5yr Anny Palm Springs trip to be 2 nights rather than 1. Never have needed a real vacation so badly.

I’m loving that The Bachelorette is back. It’s the simple things ya know.

I’m also starting to think about my hospital bag… What do you put in yours?

Today is mine and Daniel’s 7 year dating anniversary! Go us!

Got an email from the vet that it’s Cedric’s 5th birthday. Cool.

Well, both legs are asleep. I’m out.

Brain officially dumped.

Photo spammy

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~having the time of our lives~


As I sit here writing this during the commercial breaks of The Bachelorette, I’m trying to figure out how to even start to unfold the crazies that have happened the past few days. I really really don’t want to complain buuuuuuuuuuut I’m gonna.


It’s 104 degrees in Ventura and 104 degrees in Atlas’ body. Not to forget to mention that he has 6 teeth cutting (including 4 molars) and an awful diaper rash. I figured his fever was due to the teeth and extreme heat. That evening he just wants to lay on me on the couch which makes packing and cleaning a bit hard to accomplish.


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7QT: Birthday, Robot Hands, Swimsuits

1. Oliver’s Birthday

Instead of coming to our bed in the morning, Ollie went out to his presents by the couch and started opening them while we were all asleep! He got a little Planes Lego duplo set, Dinoco Lightning McQueen (He’s been asking for this over a year now and I finally bought it on ebay!), and a Kid O magnetab.

He had his 3 year check up in the morning (35 inches, 28.5 lbs).

He said the gown was “just so comfy.”

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One Hot Mess – Not Your Birthday So No, You Can Not Cry If You Want To

Atlas does not care that it’s Oliver’s birthday. Or maybe he does really care which is why he is pulling out all his attention seeking tricks. Maybe he’s just sick and also teething which is why he has slept so awful the last couple nights. I don’t know. It’s something because this stinker is extra stinky today. 

image image

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