Atlas’ Birth Story

Atlas. Oh, my dobo boy.


It took days, months for me to have a positive outlook on Atlas’ birth. A few months ago, I had a complete shift in how I felt about his birth and learned so much about myself, my faith and accepting how perfect his birth was. I have my friend Roxy to thank for sharing her amazing birth story (67 hour home birth people. I know. She’s a champion.). Through all her struggles in labor, she remained so faithful to the Lord and surrendered to God’s will and it made me really have to think about Atlas’ birth and how I was projecting only negativity upon it. So here it is.

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We are so happy to announce that this little lounger will join our family late July!


This weekend included:

  • A trip to Whole Foods
  • The Ventura art walk
  • Beignets in Santa Paula.
  • Brick oven pizza in the Merring backyard (unfortunately not pictured)