Our Story Part 1: School-Age Romance

As our 5 year anniversary approaches, I want to share bits of our journey to marriage.

Part 1: School-age Romance

Part 2: Dating, Engagement, + Marriage



Middle School

Daniel aka Wilber (as he was called throughout middle school and high school) and I met in September 2001 on the first day of middle school. We were in the same homeroom, but I don’t remember our first encounter. It apparently wasn’t “love at first sight”.

Coming into middle school was a big transition for me because 6th grade was really difficult on the friend front with mean things like friends deciding they just weren’t going to be your friend anymore for no reason or the ones you did have were going to a different middle school, so once I got to 7th grade, I only had a friend or two that carried over.

Daniel on the other hand seemed to always be surrounded by people, especially 8TH GRADERS! He was friends with the popular group, the nerds, the Christians, you name it.

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7QT: Messes, Trips, Car Seats, Pregnancy, blah blah blah.

1. Just 2 boyz

Atlas is a monster. He is just so messy with everything he does! I know, he’s 15 months old. Oliver was always pretty orderly, still is. Ollie will play outside for a little bit and come inside complaining that he is just a little bit too sweaty and needs a break and will want to cuddle me or read a book or something else sophisticated.


Atlas, however, picked the seeds out of his jam this morning and rubbed it into his neck rolls while throwing extra bits of biscuit all over while screeching. Last night I had to throw them in a quick bath before bed (not part of our usual day-to-day routine) because Atlas poured dirt onto his head and somehow managed to cover every little nook in his ear with soil. I completely understand that this is normal toddler behavior, it’s just funny that there’s this whole new area of parenting I get to experience. Reminds me of some article or blog post I read somewhere (I swear it was real) of how sad it is when people say to parents of one boy and one girl that they are lucky to have one of each suggesting that there is one type of boy and one type of girl, or even if you have 2 of the same gender that it’s a bummer that you got 2 of the same. How untrue!

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Prayer Intentions

Hey Guys! We just got back from a last minute trip to Palm Springs as a sort of business vacation because Daniel’s partner at Bondfire, Scott, was in town visiting. More on that later, but for now I wanted to focus on something I’ve been looking forward to.

After becoming pregnant this time around, I couldn’t stop reading birth stories, especially amongst Catholic mom bloggers, because I was searching for some wisdom with having to experience childbirth again and who better to look to than women who have done it 3,4,5,6,7+++ times. Something I noticed was that many of these women used the suffering that comes with childbirth as a way to connect with Christ’s suffering and as a way to cope with pain and make it bigger than themselves. They would pray for the specific intentions of their relatives, friends, and community with each contraction and I really feel like this would be something that would greatly help me get through labor before I get any medication. Not only would it distract from the contractions, but would focus this birth away from me which I definitely need because I’m very woe is me while in labor.

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Hospital Bag, check!

It’s July! I’m having a baby this month!

(Please please please don’t be late and come in August)

I finally got around to packing my hospital bag and thought I’d share what I packed. You’re supposed to pack a hospital bag when you have a home birth as a “just in case” and I threw together a couple things before having Ollie thinking that I wouldn’t need it and we grabbed it after he was transferred to the NICU and it was so pathetic. A shirt that didn’t fit Daniel anymore, a pair of old socks, a short sleeve newborn onesie and that’s about it. I packed a more substantial one for Atlas, but still figured I wouldn’t need it (and didn’t). But this time, I know I’m actually going to need and use the contents of the bag so I put more thought into it.

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7QT: Fluffy Post

Yes, 7QT. AGAIN. I have all these ideas of blog posts, but once I sit down to write I remember more important things I need to do like layout all of baby girl’s clothes and put together different outfits or binge watch Parks and Recreation. So maybe one day there will be a post that’s actually worth reading, but alas, you get this.

1. Atlas

He’s all of a sudden a little toddler kid! He loves reading books, playing outside, and messing up whatever Oliver is playing with.


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