Our Story Part 2: Dating, Engagement, + Marriage

As our 5 year anniversary approaches, I want to share bits of our journey to marriage.

Part 1: School-age Romance

Part 2: Dating, Engagement, + Marriage

PART 2: Dating, Engagement, + Marriage


After we graduated high school and started dating, everything felt right. This is what we were meant to be doing for a long time. It was just so easy. We would talk about when we got married, not IF we ever got married. There was no questioning whether that was really the right path for us. It just was.

cobra snake

My family was a little more on the skeptical side because of our age, but we planned to get engaged after around a year of dating to make them more comfortable and to give us time to save up. I mean, we were 18 going on 19 years old. Daniel was working at Urban Outfitters and I had just started working as a behavior therapist and we both were full time college students.


Flash forward to the following summer (2008). We were still living at home, full-time college students, both behavior therapists and in loveeeee. Daniel and I aren’t very good at keeping secrets and surprises from each other. We had looked at some rings together and I knew a proposal was happening any day now. We were actually asked if we were brother and sister one of the times we went looking at rings…


ANYWAY, one day I was over at Daniel’s parents house and a package came in the mail and Daniel said, “Oooo, you can’t see what’s in here. Go in the other room while I open it.” A couple minutes later I hear him yell an expletive and come out and show me how he custom ordered my ring and it was missing from the package! He had to file a claim and it was discovered that someone from fedex broke it open and stole it! The jewelry company replaced it of course, but that solidified that we were indeed getting engaged soon.


He had a “very special surprise date” planned for me on Sept 6th. I made sure my nails were freshly painted and we headed out around 4 in the morning. I actually didn’t know where we were going, but figured it out along the way. We were driving south and Daniel said that we had to be there by I think 7:30, so I knew we were going to San Diego but wasn’t sure exactly where. Then I saw a billboard for the Wild Animal Park and knew it.

Cheetahs are my favorite animal and I had told Daniel about this program they have where you get to hang out with a cheetah and watch it run and whatnot. I’m getting engaged today AND I get to meet a cheetah. Dreams do come true.

So we get to the park and there are about 20ish other people who are part of the group. We got inside and taken to this special area where there was a tent with breakfast and drinks and some small tables set up. Daniel told me to go pick out some food and he’ll save our table. When I came back, I saw the ring box open on the table in front of my seat. I can’t express how much I love this dialogue between us because I bet for some it may seem so nonchalant but it’s perfect and goes something like this:

D: So?

J: Sooo… are you going to get down on one knee and ask me?

He looks around at all these strangers settling down to munch on their breakfast.

D: Do you really want me to?

I look around.

J: No, not really.

D: I love you sweetie. Will you marry me?

J: Yes! Of course. 

Kiss kiss. Ring ring. Cheetah cheetah.

We just sat there staring at each other like this. <3

IMG_0149_JPG scan0004 scan0002

Later that month I started at UCLA and he started at PCC and we started wedding planning! We chose August 1, 2009 so that it would be during our summer break and that we would have time to honeymoon and settle into our apartment before school started back up.



It was all so perfect. We got married in a family friends backyard in Simi Valley. I was so nervous the day of our wedding, I honestly don’t think I ate anything until our dinner! I had never been more sure of any decision in my life. I was nervous because I knew how I would look back on this day for the rest of my life.

image image

We had a giant wedding party so we could include all our siblings and closest friends.

D&J Wedding-146 1


image image image

We ate BBQ, danced away, and had so much fun. Best wedding ever.

We honeymooned in Norway.

image image

I got hives.

The drinking age is 18 years old there so….

image image

We didn’t want to leave.

image image

We came back and moved to Pasadena.


We adopted two cats.


We were so poor and so happy and so in love.



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Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but could never comment bc of the Tumblr format, but I’m so happy you switched over an I love the look! Anyways, I’ve read your Part 2 before but wanted to finally comment on how sweet it is and who much I can relate to it (in the most uncreepy way possible lol). Very similar in the age timeline of proposals, etc! And also now in faith! Love your blog and your fam!


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