How to Sleep with 2 Littles and a Pregnant Belly

The title is deceiving because I’m figuring it out and need some advice. This morning I had Atlas on one arm and Ollie on the other while I was flat on my back with my 22 week belly weighing down towards my lungs and I had a quite overdramatic picture of myself as Christ on the cross and my two children were the nails securing me against the bed (infinite eye roll).

My sleep situation is very similar to this lady on Aha Parenting in the sense that Ollie fights going to sleep in his bed every night (wants our bed) but has actually been sleeping and STAYING in his bed all night until around 6:45am for the past week which is a complete 180 from just a couple weeks ago where he’d sneak into our bed by 10:30pm (please don’t jinx it!).

Atlas is in our bed with his crib side-car. He falls asleep laying on my left arm only as I alternate his bottle and paci singing “You Are My Sunshine” over and over until he’s asleep. Once he is down for the night, he usually stays asleep until 1ish and if it’s a good night he’ll wake up maybe 2 more times before 7, but on a not so good night (last night), it’s pretty much every hour between 1-7. To put him back to sleep, I usually tuck him in on my left arm and give him a sip of bottle and then his paci (no singing this time) and he usually falls back to sleep pretty quickly.

That’s the current state of things and what I ideally would want before baby 3 arrives is for Oliver and Atlas to be sharing a room and not needing us at night. I would be willing to sacrifice Daniel to tend to Atlas at night after baby 3 as long as I’m peacefully snuggled with my newborn and Daniel is getting sleep.

I prefer to make this transition slowly and this is what I think would be the steps.

Phase 1: Put the side of the crib back on, but still next to our bed so I can reach my arm in through the side to comfort but he won’t be able to come into our bed. I would initially bottle/paci him in our bed or in a chair until he’s almost asleep and put him in the crib and settle him back in there. Night wakings would be paci/bottle and him staying in the crib.

Phase 2: Crib on the other side of the bedroom, but same going to bed method of paci/bottle/singing. If he wakes up, I go to him and he’s still not allowed to come in our bed.

Phase 3: Crib in our room and I put him down and Daniel helps him at night. Still can have paci/bottle when he wakes up.

Phase 4: Crib in our room but Daniel puts him down and helps him at night. Still can have paci/bottle when he wakes up.

Phase 5: Crib moved to Ollie’s room and Daniel is in charge of him all night. Still can have paci/bottle when he wakes up.

Phase 6: Atlas sleeps from 7-7 and is an angel baby.

So my question is, do you think I should add anything or take some step out or what??? I’m going to follow my heart and do what feels right, but I want to hear from others whether this sounds like a nice plan or if I’m crazy or if you have some other magic plan? (Not going to let him Cry It Out while I’m in the other room). When did your kids start to share a room?

Tell me everything!

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