Hello, Third Tri

Popped in at the end of the first trimester so here I am again at the end of the second!


How far along? 28 weeks!

How big is the baby? Size Me Up App says Bowling Pin… lemme look up which fruit… ahhh a large eggplant.

Total weight gain/loss? Only 3 pounds so far! However, in the third trimester I usually gain double the amount you’re supposed to per week so we shall see… My appetite has increased SO much and just take a look down at my cravings…

Maternity clothes? Nope, living in elastic waist shorts and flowy dresses. I am running out of shirts that decently cover my bump though.

Sleep? Ugh, well I have been battling allergies for months and months now that plague me only at night. We have gotten an air purifier for our bedroom, pillow covers and a mattress cover but it’s not helping that much. Plus at least 1 bathroom trip.

Best moment this week? Finding out that I am still not anemic!? I have been almost my entire adult life minus this pregnancy.

Symptoms? Tired, “DGAF” attitude, my right hip is starting to on and off go out, nausea if I don’t graze all day long.

Food cravings? All the junk. This week has been unfrosted strawberry pop tarts!?

Food aversions? Still weirded out by chicken and strong fish smells.

Gender? My baby boy!

Milestones? Hiccups recently which are so cute and tiny.

Bump? Oh yes. Already at the “how do I have room to grow this babe for 12 more weeks!?”.


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Hi I’m one of those “read but rarely comment” people but I had to jump in and say, whoa, you are 28 weeks and only gained 3 lbs so far???? How???? Share your secrets because usually by then I’m at like 20 lbs eeek!

Jenna Wilber

Don’t lose the baby weight from other pregnancies, hahah. Not joking though because I think that’s the reason I haven’t gained much this time around.


Have you thought about getting a sacroilial belt to help with your hip? I wouldn’t have survived my last pregnancy without one.


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