Halloween + All Saints’ Day


Happy All Saints’ day! We had so much fun yesterday. Ollie started out the day with a Halloween Parade at his school. He is so funny. When I ask him about school, he is so reserved and emotional about it but I got there at snack time and he was at the table with the 7/8th graders schmoozing around!? All these people kept passing him saying, “Awww Oliver you look so cute! You’re my best friend!”!?!?!?!? Taking after his dada.

Anyway! His class had to dress up as princes/princesses. There were 3 categories for prizes: most original, most holy, cutest. Can you guess which Ollie won over the 8th grade judges with? Who is this kid!?

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Atlas and Prim hated the entire thing and judged everybody.

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Later he swapped into his real costume, Luke Skywalker on Dagobah. Atlas was Waldo (I love love love that he wanted to be him). Prim was….. Elsa.

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Trick or treated at the Fikes like usual and stayed until Prim was screaming her head off from candy and a sugary poopy diaper rash which is a marker to probably head home.

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And today! I last minute realized I could throw together saint costumes using what we already had around the house. Ollie has been digging his turtleneck (isn’t that the most Ollie style of shirt!?) and I immediately thought of Saint Maximilian Kolbe.


Atlas basically lives in this outfit, so dressing him as JPII was easy.


Primmy couldn’t decide on whether to wear her Elsa or Anna dress on Halloween so I figured I’d use whatever one she didn’t wear for All Saints Day and it worked! Saint Sunniva (Irish/Norwegian saint, of course!) basically looks exactly like Anna which is perfect.



This was their first year dressing up as saints and it’s kind of amazing. I think I’m going to try to make this a tradition in our house, for sure. I love delving deeper into the faith and liturgical living because it’s just so different from what I knew or experienced growing up and I can see how the kids cling onto these special moments and days. Once this is typed out, I’m going to start this series on virtues with the boys and introduce them to the concept of being virtuous and hopefully relate it all back to the saints they are dressed up as today.**** Edit: oops, ended up reading during naptime/quiet time instead of doing this. #saintinthemaking

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Yes, Atlas is still attempting the backwards pose in every group photo…

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Check out Kendra’s post for a million (or 150+) All Saints’ Day costume ideas!



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