Favorite Children’s Books Right Now (aka fillers for an Easter Basket)!

I love me a good book list full of recommendations so I thought I’d share what children’s books my kids and I are currently loving. I asked the kids what their favorite books are right now and Ollie, my mini me, shot out a list asap but Atlas mumbled a few then walked away and Prim was napping so I chose for her…. well here is what we sorted out!

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Oliver (almost 6 years old)

1. The BFG

We just read this book as a family and it was SO GOOD. I would have put it on my list if Ollie didn’t mention it. We all thought it was hilarious and brilliant.

2. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Honestly, we all weren’t huge fans of the Wes Anderson film, but we really liked the book! The boys were super into the suspense without getting scared. So good.

3. Ollie the Stomper

Pretty sure Ollie picked this because his name is in the title. But this series of books are loved by all my kiddos.

4. Madeline

After reading this and rereading this over and over, Ollie now always thinks his stomachaches are signs he needs his appendix out….

5. Maryknoll Books

I got my kids the first 3 of these either for St Nicholas day or Easter, but Oliver loves them. He sits and reads them over and over in the car. Such sweet traditional stories and lessons on the Catholic faith.


Atlas (turning 4 on Thursday!)

1. Where’s Waldo?

Remember how Atlas was Waldo for Halloween? He loves the guy (so do the other 2 kids) and this is the perfect car book. They have yet to find everything and still keep going back to it every car ride.

2. 5 Min Batman Stories

Atlas loves to slip this book out from the book shelf right before bed and power through all the photos before lights out.

3. Mix It Up

Our copy is so worn out from the kids reading this book over and over. There are 2 other books in the series, Press Here and Let’s Play that they also love.

4. Animalium

All my kids love this giant book and can sit looking at the photos for so long. Atlas’ favorite page is the one where they highlight an atlas moth…

5. Green Eggs and Ham/Go Dog Go/Ten Apples Up on Top

He couldn’t decide which he liked best, so I figured I’d just include them all. He whines to me all the time that he wants to eat green eggs and ham and maybe one day I’ll be that mom that will actually make it one morning…


Primrose (2.5 years old)

1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Again, all my kids love it and I’ve had to tape our edition over and over because it’s worn to pieces.

2. Time for Bed, Olaf!

I had to limit myself to only one Frozen book, but I think Prim loves this one the most because it has those fun flips and flaps.

3. Wuthering Heights + The Secret Garden by Baby Lit

Primrose thinks these are just so cute, even though she is a little spooked by Heathcliff (as she should be).

4. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

We all know this one. Prim leaves this book open to the purple cat and pets it while sucking her thumb, so it maybe even qualifies as a lovie?

5. The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear

Our pathetic little garden in our backyard is home to 2 strawberry plants and our ripe strawberries keep disappearing and all the kids think a sneaky little mouse keeps stealing it at night thanks to this book.


Mine (28 years old)

1. Home

The illustrations in this book are so beautiful and the message of showing different types of homes people live in is so precious.

2. Hello Atlas

My geography major heart swoons over this. It shows you how to say hello and other phrases in different languages around the world. You can download the accompanying app for free that helps you not to mispronounce the words or just have it play back for the kids. So cool.

3. One Thousand Things

Another book my kids all enjoy that also has such beautiful illustrations. Atlas and Prim both especially loved this book when they were 1-2 years old and picking up new vocabulary.

4. Sweet Thumb

Written by my real life friend, Jessie Pope! This book is absolutely adorable and my kids all dream of a garden full of chocolate chip cookies and apple pies.

5. Catholic Saints for Children

Oliver is showing more of an interest in the saints and this book has nice, shorter summaries of a handful of saints with a special prayer for each one of them that is the sweetest.



There ya go. What books are your kids loving??








haha! Kate is scared of Heathcliff in that BabyLit book too — “he scawy Mama!” is her usual response. We love literally all the BabyLit books if you don’t have more of them! Pride & Prejudice, Les Miserables, & Sense & Sensibility are our most-read.


LOVE the recs! Our kids love the 50 States Book and the Atlas of Adventure. My almost 5 year old LOVES Farm Anatomy (basically a textbook on farming? IDK, poor SoCal kid) so I think we’ll add your Animalium to our list. Also, if you love Home, prepare to cry your eyes out over You Belong with Me.


So fun seeing Sweet Thumb in this round up! You’re the raddest. And I need to try out some of these – my kids are in a huge rut. Kids lit can be verrrrry repetitive. -__-


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