End of the Year

Wow, what a nice long blogging break. So much has happened— trips, holidays, birthdays, events have come and gone. Felix is 3 months!? We are still mentally bouncing back from the Thomas Fire which seems silly to still be “recovering” from when people we know and so many others in our community lost everything and we, thankfully, are just recovering from 2 weeks of toxic air and late nights scourging every social media for updates on the progression of the fire.


This blogging break was partially intentional because I have been questioning what I want to do with this space. I initially started this blog as a way for me to journal and document our family life basically only for me and my family to read and look back on, but it has kind of deviated from that in the sense that it isn’t just people I know in real life reading it anymore which has caused me to feel hesitant to post or write certain things about my day to day personal life which to be honest, is why I haven’t posted much. That is sort of how I use Instagram now, but I still want to keep this space special and different. I have had plenty of time stuck under a nursing babe to try and figure out what I want to do here in the next year and I think I know just the thing— I’m going to scale back a bunch and stick to monthly recap posts which will be primarily photo based. I still have a couple more detailed posts I want to hopefully get out soon (Paris part 2! Big Sur video!), but I think this planned monthly outlet will be good for me.

Anywho, thanks for sticking around friends!

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