Easter + Answer Me This

This lent I had high ambitions of what I was going to take on rather than sacrifice (don’t we all? and I didn’t want to give up sweets because I’m pregnant and all I crave are all things sugary which would mean that would be an amazing lenten sacrifice but alas, I’m not that good). My goals were to learn and pray the morning offering, learn and pray the rosary, be on my phone less, and finally potty train Ollie. At confession a couple weeks ago, my priest asked what I was doing for lent and I said, “I started praying the morning offering and…” then he cut me off and said, “And!? The morning offering is enough! I think it’s so important to use lent as a time to develop new spiritual habits that will continue to enrich your spiritual life once lent ends.”. I so needed to hear this because I was super lazy about everything else I set out to do (minus potty training, which is going great. Thanks for wondering!). So, now that He is Risen and I no longer feel guilty drinking my chocolate milkshakes in front of Daniel, I have developed a new habit that really has helped start my day off right.

We dyed eggs the good ol’ grocery store tablet way (no photos. Maybe next year while I’m boiling beets and onion skin I’ll be more inclined to document it).


We spent Easter by going to 9am mass (first time Ollie had to be taken out of mass rather than Atlas!) then proceeding to have the most embarrassing McDonald’s fail. We were on our way to Blythe’s house for Easter brunch, but Daniel and I were first-world starving so we stopped by McDonald’s for a quick sandie because we were running really early and were planning to just sneak eat it in the car and they messed up our order 4 times (which we didn’t discover until we had already left the parking lot…x3). So we showed up to Blythe’s classily eating an egg and cheese biscuit while hams baked in the oven.

image image image image

Photobombed by Brad and Clemmy

image image image image

JB b crushin’



Here are my answers to this week’s Answer Me This, (if you’re reading this, you probably already know about Catholic All Year :P )

1. What did you and your family wear to Mass on Easter Sunday?


Ollie had on a navy tie at some point…

2. Easter Bunny: thumbs up or thumbs down?

Oo toughy. I grew up with the Easter bunny, but this year I felt so weird telling Ollie about it! I just find it super weird. A giant bunny bringing a basket. Maybe I just don’t want to share making the kids happy with some imaginary rabbit. I’ll probably keep up the magic, but I definitely am not thrilled about it. The night before Easter I was explaining to Oliver how the Easter bunny was going to come and leave him a basket with so many special treats and he almost started crying and said he didn’t want a big bunny to come into our house and for mama and dada to get the basket from the bunny to give to him.

3. Do you prefer to celebrate holidays at your own house or at someone else’s house?

Both! I think it depends how many people are coming. I get stressed out trying to manage everything during parties, but I love the convenience of being home already. I’m more into smaller crowds and potlucks.

4. What is your favorite kind of candy?

Oo tough. I think only Oliver rivals my sweet tooth teeth. Nasty candy wise it would be Butterfingers.

image image

Nice chocolate would be Mast Brothers Almonds & Sea Salt


We went to Mast Brothers in Brooklyn last time we were in New York and it smelt like heaven.


5. Do you like video games?

Yes! I’m awful at them, but I love them. I grew up playing Sonic and Tetris, and watching my brother play games like Resident Evil (I remember my RE nightmares, too. I can’t handle zombies.).

Now I love watching Daniel play video games. I remember early on when we were dating he said to me, ~”I really love that you love to watch me play video games.”~

As far as games on my phone, I’m guilty of once playing Farmville and Candy Crush, but as of late I’ve been playing Threes and Dots. Do it.
6. Do you speak another language?

SoCal Espanol (+what I remember from 2 years of high school Spanish) and also some Norwegian. I minored in Scandinavian studies at UCLA and took a year of Norwegian. When we honeymooned in Norway I was so excited to try it out, but everyone wanted to speak to me in their perfected English.

(Fun fact: huset means house in Norwegian)


Ha det!

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