BB Names: Primrose Lucia Wilber


When I found out I was pregnant while 6 month old Atlas was crawling around my ankles, I was in shock. Besides feeling so upset and angry at God, the annoyingly entitled part of me thought “well, this has to be my girl. HAS TO BE.”. After the news of pregnancy settled in my head, I began to get really excited about finding out the gender. I was nauseous from day 1 which felt so different from the boys pregnancies which led me to feel 99% certain that I was having a girl. I would have been so completely happy with a boy, but the thought of having a baby girl was really exciting. And after forcing my OB to give me an ultrasound around 14 weeks so I could see, she insisted “You know, it’s often too early to tell… don’t get your hopes up because the baby is so tiny…. oh, the three lines… yeah that for sure looks like a girl.”.

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bb girl sucking her thumb (still her thang today).

So like I’ve mentioned in Oliver and Atlas’, we’ve been in love with the name Apoline for YEARS, but now that we could actually use it, it didn’t feel right!? This baby wasn’t our Apoline. Daniel and I both loved the name Primrose (yes, like Hunger Games but not in homage to her, okie!?) and we have this love of floral girls names (v trendy, I know). Anyway, we looked up the name meaning and it means “first rose” aka “first girl” aka “our first girl oh my gosh we have to use this for our first baby girl”. Once we made that connection, her name was set. Also I have this weird thing where the baby name I’m stewing over keeps popping up in my life and while I was thinking about Primrose and that maybe being this baby’s name while I was in the bathroom, I glanced over at our hand soap and the scent was Primrose, so…….

Middle names gave us trouble though. We couldn’t find anything that flowed and had meaning for us. Throughout pregnancy, 2 saints kept popping up in conversations, readings, signs, photos, everywhere. Saint Rose of Lima and Saint Anne, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Grandmother to Jesus. Once we settled on the first name, I thought maybe that’s why I kept seeing St Rose, but why was Anne showing up over and over. One of my favorite Anne name that was already on my baby list was “Annelie” which I thought would be nice, but Daniel wasn’t sold on it. I also liked Primrose Ophelia but it was a mouthful (and Daniel also rained on that parade -_-). So I thought about Lucia, my Italian grandma’s name and also a name that my family has begun to make a naming tradition. My younger sister has 2 middle names, one of which is Lucia. My cousin’s middle name is also Lucia. And then another sign to help sway us to use this family name— a family tree!



5 Lucias on there! But I still couldn’t shake the need to incorporate a way to pay tribute to St Anne. I thought about hyphenating to Ana-Lucia or Lucianne, but it felt like too many compound words alongside Primrose.

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37 weeks in Palm Springs. -_-

Towards the end of pregnancy I got an email from Kelli telling me about the powerful Saint Anne Novena seeing as it ended the day after my due date and she often intercedes for pregnant women and mothers. (The novena actually starts July 17th so not too late to start it this year!). This was the first novena I ever prayed and boyyyyyyy did she pull through for me. I had the most amazing birth ever (or at least out of my three, ha!) and baby girl was born one day overdue on Saint Anne’s feast day, July 26th. The second we saw her we knew that she was Primrose Lucia. Prim, Primmy, Primcess. Ollie insisted that he would call her Rosie, but alas…

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Another little discovery a year later was Prim’s connection to Our Lady of Fatima. Like I mentioned there, I never felt a real attachment with any of the Saint Roses, just to the name Rose, so that revelation brought me to tears and it felt so perfect to finally find that connection.


Primrose Lucia with Nonni Lucia

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As far as a connection with Saint Lucy, Prim does have these silly ailments that I always attribute to the patron saint of eye related things. When Prim is sick, her congestion is released through her eyes (so gross!). She also always has a single tear resting on her cheek. So there. The meaning of Lucia, “light” has been fitting for her too because I can’t find the words to express how life changing having her has been. She has nourished our faith in ways that can only come with welcoming another human life into your family. She has been this beacon of hope and peace and acceptance of being open to life and trusting in a Plan that is bigger than anything we can fathom or even attempt to control. I love how Jim Gaffigan describes it: “I joke about it: My kids have made me a better person, and I only need, like, 34 more of them to be a really good guy.”. For real though.


Anddddd the inevitable Harry Potter naming reference. Oliver (Wood) + (Atlas) James (Potter), but what about dearest Primrose Lucia? Well Ron and Hermione’s daughter in the epilogue is named Rose and Percy and his wife Audrey have a daughter named Lucy, so I still get to boast (who am I boasting to? No idea. Mostly myself I supposed) that all my children have Harry Potter names, ha!


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Kayla Z

Just curious, since it is a name post – how do you guys pronounce Lucia? LooSEEa, LOOcha, LOOsha, LooCHEEa? I like the name but have zero idea of the pronunciation.


You guys just have killer taste in names. If only I could convince my husband…Ophelia has always been on my list and now Apoline is too! :)


Oh I love that so much. What a sweet way to honor her heritage too! I love name posts. :)


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