BB Names: Atlas James Wilber

Atlas James Wilber

Like I said in Oliver’s post, Oliver was pretty much the only boy name we had (besides Erlend which I didn’t like at the time). We would throw around a couple names that we liked but nothing really made it to our baby name list. Daniel has always been a gamer (okay, sounds so lame to describe him like that but what else am I supposed to say? He had always enjoyed video games… -_-) and soon after we had Ollie we got Portal 2. Oh my goodness, we could not stop playing this game. It’s so addicting and smart and yadda yadda, but anyway. One of the robots is named Atlas. I remember Daniel turning to me and saying, “Atlas… that would be a sweet baby name.” Atlas! So weird and how could we ever admit that we were inspired by a robot in a video game… but atlas alas, that’s the truth. I studied geography so we were also using that as an angle to make it more personal to us. So there. My major plus a robot. We added Atlas to our list and couldn’t stop swooning over it.

I got pregnant with Atlas when Ollie was 14 months old and I don’t know why this happens but whenever I get pregnant everyone immediately is 100% sure I’m having a girl. Every time!  But when we found out we were pregnant with numero dos everyone was like, “Is this our Apoline!?”. I was much more skeptical and me and Daniel were kind of loving the thought of being able to use Atlas.


The pregnancy felt exactly the same as Ollie’s right away which was amazing! Almost no symptoms except being so tired, superhuman scent, and random food gross outs. I was honestly 50/50 about wanting a boy or girl. Boy would mean super cute brothers plus using Atlas! Girl would mean A GIRL, very different and special. I couldn’t wait to find out so we got a gender ultrasound done at 13 weeks and BOY! Funnily and not funnily, people kind of responded with, “Oh, that’s okay! Maybe next one will be a girl!”. !!! *eye roll forever* but anyway, our Atlas!



We were very much stuck with Atlas since the beginning. As the pregnancy progressed, we could not settle on a middle name. Nothing we had matched the strength and power of all that was Atlas. It needed something to balance it out. Towards the end I started loving a complexly different name: Jasper Owen. Like I had a crazy pregnant lady emotional breakdown in the 3rd trimester that he really is supposed to be Jasper Owen but now I’m stuck with Atlas, but luckily that sentiment left as quickly as it came. We kept seeing the name Atlas pop up all over and it just felt like continual sign after sign that this baby was Atlas. We had Atlas Walden and Atlas Owen as our 2 possible names, but didn’t feel strongly about them. Then out of know where, I wish I could remember, James popped up and we were like, “YES.”It was strong, yet simple and classic. But since I tend to be a bit indecisive, we still wanted to leave a little naming wiggle room for when he was born so the final two were Atlas Walden or Atlas James.


And then he was here! April 6th, 2013 at 9:42am. No question about it, Atlas James. Atlas completely lives up to his name meanings. Atlas technically means “not endure”, BUT everything that Atlas emanates is him. Not only strength and support, but this naughty mythological guy punished to hold up the heavens for eternity. And James. James means supplanter, or to overthrow. So here’s strong Atlas James to overthrow Oliver Henry, the home ruling leader of the elves, hahahah. It’s perfect! What makes James even more perfect is the connection to Saint James the Less that I talk about in his birth story. I forgot to mention in the birth story how later my knees and forehead were bruised from labor and those marks of suffering are attributed to Saint James the Less because he would often be found on his knees with his head bowed down in prayer. Sooooo, no doubt that he was supposed to be named Atlas James and that his patron is St James the Less. Although, he does have the fiery spirit of St James the Great…

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