Atlas Turned One!

Last Sunday was Atlas’ first birthday which was so special and amazing.

When I found out I was pregnant when Atlas was 6 months old, I made a list of things I need to do before we have baby #3 as a way of coping and wrapping my head around having another baby so soon. I had 6 items listed: 1. Wean Ollie (by age 3) 2. Potty Train Ollie (by age 3) 3. Night wean/night bottle feed Atlas (at 1 year) 4. Atlas sleeping in his crib (after 1 year) 5. Ollie napping alone (by 3 years) 6. Move (by March 2014).

When I stared at that list, part of me felt so guilty about making these guidelines and what is so amazing and such a blessing is that I didn’t really force any of these to be crossed off. We are still potty training and about to start helping him sleep in his crib, but everything else happened without anything forceful or traumatic and it’s such a blessing. When he was 6 months, I thought about what my life would look like at 12 months and really thought that I would be feeling like I bitterly made all these sacrifices for the sake of having a third baby, but it’s not like it at all! I’m so happy that these huge changes have come relatively easy for our family because I was stressssssssed about accomplishing those. Atlas (and probably mostly God) knows that that ease was/is exactly what we needed.

Something Atlas has taught me is that each child really is different and you never stop learning.

As I’ve talked about before in his birth story, he was the driving force that brought us to the Catholic Church.

He has taught Ollie about sacrifice and companionship.

He is full of extremes. Happiest happy baby, saddest sad sad sad baby. (Luckily he’s pretty happy.)

He gets comments from the older generation (haha) how he better grow up and be so strong because of his name. I have no doubt that he will because he already is in so many ways (next level cheese). Somehow he’s the most determined/stubborn/strong-willed person in this house…

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to love another baby like I loved my Ollie and I was so wrong. The love I have for him is different and beautiful and endless. He’s just the best.

Finished with the cheesy lovey post now.

Here’s the even cheesier video I made for his 1 year. xoxo


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