Daniel and I started Wilber Huset back in 2013 as a way to quickly compile photos as a sort of keepsake for our growing family and to be shared amongst our closest family and friends. Although the outreach has grown some, we still see this as a place of sharing our family’s day-to-day life with whomever wishes to be here! And as for the name, huset (who-set) is the Norwegian word for “house”. We could have just named this “Wilber House”, but that’s just not as cool, right?


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Daniel and I have been friends since 7th grade homeroom in 2001. We started dating in 2007, got engaged in 2008, then got married in 2009, honeymooned in Norway, and had our first baby in 2011.


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We are Catholic converts and were welcomed into the Catholic Church in 2014.




We’re raising 3 kids in a cute beach town in southern California and after moving 8 TIMES since we’ve been married, we have no desire to leave the golden state again, buuuuuut we would maybe consider a move to Waco to have a little reno with Jo and Chip.




Hi, I’m Jenna! Before becoming a stay at home mama, I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Geography and minor in Scandinavian. I worked as a behavioral therapist with special needs children and then as a preschool teaching assistant. I love watching crappy TV, eating treats, re-reading Harry Potter, planning vacations, making sappy home videos, and taking too many photos.




Daniel is the best. Funniest, wittiest, most hard working person I know. He works as a designer at Bondfire Inc, a company he and a good friend founded in 2011. When he’s not making fun of my crappy TV shows, he’s munching on sunflower seeds, reading, interneting, building websites, and listening to my incessant pleas that if he just gave The Bachelor a chance, he would really enjoy it.


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Oliver is turning 5 in May and that kind of breaks my heart. He is always up for cuddles, has the memory of an elephant, and a sweet tooth that rivals my own. As a true introvert, you can find him crying over not getting enough alone time or asking, “Can I just stay in the car?”. His hobbies include learning to read, asking me if I want to hear about a new pokemon, bossing Atlas around, working in his workbooks, and dreaming about marrying Mary Fike.




Wildly independent Atlas somehow has almost made it to his 3rd birthday. He is ambitious, charming, fickle, adventurous, and just so funny. His favorite things are ghosts, not listening to Ollie, eating endless amounts of fruits, calling himself “the funny guy”, and refusing tasks by saying, “No, I’m fine.”. He is constantly surprising us and it’s the best.





My dreamy July angel baby Primrose has turned into this sweet and sour 18 month old. Kisses for everybody one second, rolling on the floor in tears the next. She loves copying her brothers, holding my hand, singing happy birthday, awkwardly touching the hands of people sitting in front of us at Mass, crying at every woman that speaks to her but then only wanting to be held by young, single male friends…