7QT: Pops, Gran Hotel, y muchas fotos.

1. Popsiclez

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So…. the kids had popsicles for dinner the other night. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , it’s summer so justified, right? Anyway, these were super easy. Maple yogurt + 1 banana + handful of strawberries + handful of blueberries + pieces of graham cracker. Mix it up and freezzzzzzzze.

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2. Petunia Pickle Bottom Popsiclez

Some Petunia ladies came over and we made 2 sets of popsicles influenced by two of their patterns: Sweet Rose and Electric Citrus. We totally experimented and please please please take my word and just use yellow food coloring instead of the turmeric. Halfass crunchy me doesn’t have food coloring in my house…



3. Active Child

Last Friday Daniel and a few friends of ours saw Active Child at the Immanuel Presbyterian in LA. Second row, gold circle club. AMAZE AMAZE AMAZE. Listen to my fave song:

Also, of course, photos.

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4. Saint Anne Novena

Today is the first day of the Saint Anne Novena. Saint Anne, Jesus’ grandma and the mother of the Blessed Mother, is the patron saint of pregnancy, mothers, the childless, and so many others. Kelli emailed me last summer about this powerful novena while I was pregnant with Prim and honestly, life changing. It was the first novena I prayed and not coincidentally at all, Prim was born on the feast of Saint Anne (July 26th) and my prayer for a healing birth experience was answered. Saint Anne, pray for us!

5. Buzzzzz

I buzzed Ollie’s hair off…

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Officially a big kid now. Officially letting it grow back out so he can be my baby babe again.

6. Dress

Last 7QT I asked for dress advice about the wedding I’m the MOH in and you all answered and thank you thank you. I ended up finding this dress on eBay for $50 and it’s sooooooo beautiful and versatile. It can be worn like 10+ different ways, but I think I’m going to go with this style I appropriately named “the cleavage blocker”:


Just need shoe + accessory + hair tips now -_-


PLL: don’t even get me started. One of those shows you just need to be over with but need to ride it out to the end…

Bach: Again, just riding this out. Shawn and Nick are both so annoying. Looking forward to Bachelor Ben. Although, I just have to admit that no season will ever compare to Jef+Emily. Best recapper ever though. Read it all. LOL at it all.

Grand Hotel: Guys, I just finished el gran hotel. I’m going to miss Julio, Alithhhhia, Andres, and especially Ayala + his mustache. I’ll leave you with this photo I stumbled upon on while finding a picture for this post as I now try to brush up on my espanol and try to see if Yon Gonzalez y Amaia Salamanca are a thing IRL. Adios!




First off, I’m starting the St. Anne novena today, too! Praying for my neice and her husband, who’ve been having difficulty conceiving. To help things along I had a friend meet me for noon Mass. I teasingly call her “fertile Myrtle” because she has six kids, and the youngest five are adorable stairsteps. Her boobs have not been her own in eight years – LOL! Which brings me to that stunning dress. I adore that “lake blue” color – it seems to flatter every skin tone. And I would pay extra for a cleavage-blocker styling option on every dress! Add a short, sparkly necklace and some silver sandals and you’ll be all set!


I loved the Gran Hotel too! My new favorite Spanish soap opera is Velvet! There are two seasons on netflix. You should definitely check it out.


I just remembered today that I needed to start the Saint Anne novena….so starting a day late :) Glad you love her too!! And really hoping for Ben the bachelor….I think this is the worst season yet!


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