7QT: French is Hard + Normal Life

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1. Bonjour

We leave this weekend! Please keep praying for us! A lot of my anxiety has been lifted, PTL, and I am actually really excited. One of the places that we’re visiting is the Chapelle De Notre Dame de la Medaille Miraculeuse…. Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal! Like, THE Miraculous Medal. Can’t wait to see the incorrupt body of Saint Catherine Laboure. Send me any intentions you’d like me to pray for while we’re there!

2. French

Also worth noting, I’ve been working on my French with Duolingo for the past 2 weeks and OH MY GOSH. French is so impossible. Spanish and Norwegian, I can soak it up so easily but French makes no sense to me and everything sounds the same. Today one of the questions was to translate “Je cherche mon chien” aka “I am searching for my dog”, but the pronunciation is

Follow that link and click on the little speaker icon and see what I mean. Impossible. So basically I’ll be Merci-ing, Bonjour-ing, Pardon-ing, Parlez vous anglaise-ing my way through Paris.

3. Gifts

Okay, one last thing about the trip. I ended up getting the kids a tiny gift for them to open everyday we’re gone (I <3 Target $1 Section) and wrapped them with a little note. Might be little over the top of me, but they’ve been breaking my heart with their “Why can’t we come?”, “I don’t want you to go.”, “I’m going to miss you so much.”. So hopefully bubbles, Tic-Tacs, and Play-doh are worthy parent replacements.

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4. Homestead

We had a nice balance of homesteading and lifestyling this weekend by venturing out to Ikea to get a new dining room table. Our old one is still available! Vintage mid century dining table, $200 OBO! Anyway, that was a trek because our van a/c also broke and we forgot that Ventura is in this nice cloudy May pocket whereas the rest of LA is scorching so we were dripping surrounded by giant boxes.

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5. Lifestyle

And we also went to the beach! First real beach day this year and it was so relaxing— the kids have a general sense to not got far into the water which is such a milestone!

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6. Legos

Oliver and Atlas combined their birthday money to buy a giant Ninjago lego set— over 1000 pieces. They’ve been chipping away at it all week and I can’t help but love/hate legos because it’s so mentally stimulating and good for them, but I’m finding stray legos everywhere. In the bathroom, pantry, bed, laundry, etc etc etc etc etc.

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7. Not photos, whaaaaboooom

I actually didn’t take many photos this week! Lucky you!

But, how much of a let down was the premiere of The Bachelorette?? I love Rachel! The guys were all so so so so lame. I can’t pick a favorite at all. Ashley Jones recap was magic like always (even though I disagree with liking Bryan). Hoping next week is better and that Daniel doesn’t hate me when I inevitable download the episode next Monday while we’re in Paris…

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Crepes! Pain au chocolat! Cafe mocha! Rosé! S’il vous plaît! Au revoir!

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Oh, French. I think of it as the language with extra letters. One of my good friends is from Louisiana, and she (in addition to many local fan clubs) will use “geaux” in place of “go,” as in “Geaux Tigers!” It’s the best and the worst. Enjoy your trip!


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