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Guys, he’s the best thing ever. He’s nursing great (except for last night where I got a nice reminder how how crappy it feels to be leaking all over and ultra engorged. Magical.). He’s sleeping well (if he’s snuggling someone). He’s just the sweetest. Reminds me a lot of baby Ollie.


2. Postpartum

Daniel was able to take this week off of work, so I’ve been able to lay in bed a lot which has been nice. I’m healing up pretty well, but when my pain killers wear off I’m an achy ball of mush. So the Advil is pumping. The nurse also wasn’t the greatest at placing the IV and it’s still a bit swollen and tender where they placed it which is really annoying and uncomfortable when I’m nursing on my left side. I washed my hair and put on makeup today so PROGRESS! Still living in sweats and don’t want to think about putting on anything besides them, so baby steps. I’m kind of dreading Daniel going back to work, so I’ll just try to enjoy this weekend of baby cuddles.

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3. Kiddos

I love my kids, I really really do but it must be a hormone thing but the other kids seem so big and smelly and sweaty and LOUD. I think it’s a natural instinct thing so I hand over the reigns to someone else and snuggle my baby instead. Ollie is obsessed with Felix and dotes over him any chance he can. Atlas brings him little things all day long and runs into the room to “take a kiss to Felix” and runs back out. Prim is a little more apprehensive and totally loves on him, but she slips in for cuddles with me and said the other day, “I wish the baby was back in your tummy for 5 more minutes.”.

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4. Reading People

Grace surprised me with this book that came in the mail yesterday and I’m plowing through it! It’s so good! Reading People has such simple explanations of various personality typologies that I’ve already learned so much even with having read so many other books and posts and listened to podcasts on some of these types. Like I think I finally realized that I am more ISFJ than INFJ. I’ve always struggled with Myers-Briggs because I couldn’t place myself but I think I have finally figured it out which is cool! Also the 5 Love Languages. I had struggled with understanding the Gift Giving/Receiving love language because I completely suck at it, but she offered such great insight. Is that your love language? Explain it’s meaning and significance for you to me if you are willing! I’m pretty sure Daniel and I both are Quality Time and I think this season of my life I also gear towards Acts of Service because I am just so overwhelmed all the time so D running to the grocery store or Atlas feeding Poppy just warms my heart. I’m about to be on the chapter about Cognitive Functions and soon onto my fave, the enneagram, so I can’t wait to see what she says about them.


5. Palm Sprangs

I forgot to mention that a couple weekends ago we got away for a couples trip to Palm Springs joined by the Pattons, the Fikes, and the Merings! It was so fun! We had been trying to make this trip happen FOR YEARS and was initially supposed to be girls only, but the husbands barged their way in. We rented a house, spent too much money at the spa, and soaked in the pool all day long. Perfection for my then 38 week preggy self.

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6. Felix’s Birth

Oh yeah, did you see his birth story??

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7. Photos

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Larkin Kipp

Congrats on baby Felix! He is such a handsome baby, and I’m glad to hear your labor, delivery, and postpartum experiences have all been mainly positive.
In regards to love languages, I’m totally a gift giver/receiver. The thing I love most about giving gifts (even very small ones) is that it shows someone that I was thinking about them even when I wasn’t with them, and that they’re worth celebrating even without cause. The same goes for receiving. The littlest gift can go the longest way for me. My husband can come home from the grocery store (yes he does the shopping… that’s gift enough!) with a magazine he knows I’d like or mints that I can never find, and my day/week is totally made. It shows me that he thinks about me when he’s out and about doing other things, and that is so comforting/attractive to me. Acts of service are a close second for me because, in a lot of ways, they seem similar to me in what they display. Hope this all makes sense!

Jen @ Into Your Will

Oh my goodness, precious baby! He’s beautiful. Fellow ISFJ here :) I’ve read a lot about personalities and love languages so I wasn’t sure I needed to read yet ANOTHER book about it (I follow Anne’s blog)…but you just convinced me I needed to. So thanks! Haha.


Hi Jenna,
Congratulations to you and the whole adorable family on Fleix’s arrival and the graces in his birth! I think I’m a combo act of service/gift giver and for me I delight in giving a gift when I know it perfectly fits the person. I have ideas for gifts all the time and some come to fruition and some don’t but I hope that my gifts convey that I truly listen to the person and their interests and likes and take interest too because of my interest in them as a person. I hope that my personalized gifts make them feel like I value them and the time they give to me when we talk and hang out. I don’t know if that translates, but that’s my thought process behind it.

You mentioned that you read a lot about personalities-our 3 almost 4 year old is seriously melancholic and I’m curious if you have any book recommendations for that temperament? Or temperaments in general? Enjoy your deliciously squishy new guy!


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