7QT: Baseball, Birds, Birth

1. Los Doyers

As Ollie flipped through his new favorite book, a children’s atlas, he came across a photo of a marathon runner and turned to me and gasped, “BASEBALL!”, which reminded me that Daniel and I have been wanting to take Ollie on a special date before baby 3 comes, so instead of correcting him, I looked up dodger tickets. They were playing tonight (Wednesday) AND against the Colorado Rockies! I text Daniel asking him what he thought about going and if I was being too spontaneous. I have a hard time being spontaneous. He’s the more spontaneous one. I’m the planner. But every once in a while I feel all giddy and wild by deciding to go to a baseball game or take the kids out somewhere last minute. So of course he thought it was a great idea and we got tickets!

It was a ton of fun. Hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, frozen yogurt in a helmet, some quality quotes from Ollie like:

“I think USA is gonna win!”

“I want Dada to go get a beer.”

“SHIT!” (Thank you lady sailor behind us.)

And we witnessed a no hitter, cooooooool.

2. Flags Foreverrrrr

I am so excited about Ollie’s newfound love of flags. Not using my degree, pshh.

Our slowly growing flag wall. Hi-5s for anyone who can name all the flags without looking them up! If you mess up guessing, you can pay one of my student loan payments this month.

3. Moldy Peaches

Okay, what’s the deal!? This happened all last summer. Am I missing something? Am I storing them wrong? I felt all the peaches last night at dinner and they were hard as a rock, no signs of mold or bruises and I wake up to that.

4. Baby birds

For the past month or so, every time we walked out our front door, a bird would zoom out from the top part of our porch (there must be a more descriptive word for that) from where she was building her nest. Finally this morning I heard the tiniest little tweets and snuck up on a chair by the front window and she zoomed out again, but I saw a tiny little baby bird face peek up and nuzzle back into the nest! I’m determined to get a photo. So nature.

5. Birth Plan

Finished up my birth plan earlier this week! The OB read over it and thought it sounded good and many of the things I want or don’t want are the defaults for them which is a relief. Something she seemed weirded out by was me wanting to wear my own gown. She said it would be awkward to try and do skin to skin in a night gown!? Worked just fine with Atlas’ birth…


6. Atlas’ Sleep

A little update on the current sleep sitch in the ol’ Wilber Huset. Atlas hasn’t hyperventilated or thrown up since one of the first nights of Daniel putting him to bed, but now goofs his little heart out in the crib in the boys room until he passes out. I’ll take it.

7. Pregnancy

35 weeks today! I’ve been feeling pretty well up until coming back from Palm Springs (HAHA). Random bouts of heartburn, shortness of breath over everything, so so so tired, super strong braxton hicks, bras are the worst, a weird pain in my hip/tail bone that will go away if I’m able to crack some joint I never knew I had back there, etcccc. But luckily it’s just comes randomly and the aches don’t last long enough where I feel the need to do anything about it. I also feel that I’m 35 weeks pregnant and my body is going to be sore and working overtime no matter what I do.

I’ll conclude with my extra pointy 35 week belly.

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