7QT: Anxiety, Sickness, + Other Not as Depressing Things

Happy Friday!

Here is a joke from Prim this morning:

P: Knock knock

Me: Who’s there?

P: Sad.

Me: Sad, who?

P: Tears.


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1. Trip

I woke up this morning thinking we were leaving THIS Sunday and immediately got sick to my stomach and then remembered we still have another week. Guys, please pray for my anxiety to let up! It’s totally inhibiting me from getting super excited. I think it’s pretty much anxiety over leaving the kids for that long and anticipating how much I’ll miss them (and tbh, how much they will miss me). Rational me knows that we all will be fine, but still. I can’t help but feel silly over feeling this way when we are about to take a trip we’ve been dreaming of for years and years. Also can’t help thinking that something will happen that will delay our return flight which will make us indeed miss Ollie’s evening kinder graduation. Prayers, pleaseeeee please please.


2. Name this Baby

Did you see Kate from Sancta Nomina’s name consultation for this babe?? She is AMAZING. So many great ideas and really helped show us some of our naming patterns. As of now, we haven’t settled on a name so keep those suggestions coming my way!

3. Volunteer Mom

Oliver’s school requires 50 service hours for the school year and as the end of the year is approaching, me and Daniel realized we had less than 10 hours done… and if you don’t meet the 50 hours you have to pay $10/hour soooooo when they said if you volunteered to run a booth at the annual fiesta you would get 30 hours we jumped on it. We ran the milk jug booth for a few hours (and thankfully Daniel’s parents helped out, too, THANK YOU!) but I’m pretty sure it led to my back being thrown out a couple days later…

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Yes, same fiesta where my kids got 2 goldfish that died the next day. RIP Silver “Gold Touch” and Goldie “Gold Touch”.

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And then last week I went with his class to the Santa Barbara Zoo and that was the day before take 4…so basically to me: I volunteer=I get sick/injured. (Love my half transitioned glasses, OKAY!?)

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4. Sick sick sick

Guys, it’s been non stop over here. Threw out my back and then got worked on by a chiropractor where I couldn’t walk without wincing the next day. Luckily that’s better. And then last week I finally dragged myself to the doctors (haven’t seen a non-OB in YEARS) and got diagnosed with “worse than bronchitis”. Nebulizer, antibiotics, inhaler. This poor babe got the full on chemical treatment but I can breathe again which is a plus, but still forever have a stuffy nose.

5. Highlights + Not Highlight

Highlight: Took the boys to their annual check ups and Lil’O is 42″ (5%) and 38.5lbs (11%) and average Atlas is 40.5 (50%) and 35lbs (50%).

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Highlight: We finally got Prim a toddler bed!

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Highlight: We also rearranged our bedroom to make room for a baby corner! Excuse the unedited, underwhelming photo  -___-



Highlight: Met Jenny in real life! (No photo)

Highlight: An older man at Mass asking Daniel if these are really all his kids because he looks so young and Daniel responding, “I’m actually the oldest brother.”.

Highlight: Got our cousins aged 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 photo in before the 5 year old turned 6 today! Happy Birthday Maple! Happy Birthday to my Dad!

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Highlight: Ollie holding his cousin, Ferris. If there is a baby, Oliver will be right there trying to hold it.

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Not highlight: Poppy. But she’s cute.

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6. Books + Shows

Still can’t get into Anne of Green Gables… am I kicked out of every Catholic women’s circle?? I also am not giving myself a chance to fully get into it seeing as I’m only a handful of chapters in. I really want to read Haley’s post about the new netflix series which honestly is my biggest motivation to jump back in.

I ordered The Highly Sensitive Child after Jenny recommended it and started it last night. So good so far, especially as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) myself.

Going to bring The Nightingale with me on our trip. Hoping I won’t look too touristy reading a book with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on the cover.

I’m really enjoying The Handmaid’s Tale. Am I not supposed to say I enjoy it but am deeply troubled by it instead??? Nothing will disturb me more than the finale of Outlander Season 1. F U Captain Jack Randal. Also Outlander season 3 comes back in September aka when baby is due which I think God planned just for postpartum me.

Daniel and I started season 2 of Masters of None and we are also enjoying it. Silicon Valley on the other hand has been kind of blah.


Also, can you say a prayer for sweet baby Regina and her family?


7. Photos!

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Linking up with Kelly!




BAH, the big brother comment! Omg that’s such an awesome response.

My best advice about your trip, having lived through harrowing kid-leaving travel anxiety, is to entrust them to their guardian angels and to Mary, and to pray as a couple against any spiritual attack seeking to disrupt what is meant to be a totally amazing experience for you as a couple. A priest friend told me once that the enemy loves to destroy anything good, including stuff that is meant to make us happy. He said it’s important to pray actively against any interference surrounding big events (weddings, trips, holidays) because wherever there is potential for great joy, there is vulnerability to the one who hates joy. All that to say, our little trip out to your neck of the woods earlier this month was the first time I was able to leave mine and have real peace and really have a great time, and I wasn’t worried about them at all. I had a lot of people praying against my anxiety, and I prayed a lot for the trip that it would be peaceful and beautiful and that I wouldn’t freak out. Ask your friends and family to pray for your mama heart. I’ll pray for you guys, too!

Jenna Wilber

Thank you so much for this, Jenny! It’s so easy to forget and fail to recognize when there is definitely intervention happening from the enemy. Thank you for the reminder!

Olivia M

Re: anxiety before trip. I recently arrived home from a nine day trip around England (countryside road trip and London for a few days). I’ve traveled all over the world, but for some reason I was hit with SO MUCH anxiety the weeks and days before I left. Over everything: packing, the flights, weather, my health, etc. I was so frustrated with myself because this was my dream trip! England with my twin sister – why was I so worried?!

I don’t have kids, so I didn’t have to deal with the added factor of leaving them, like you are. However, I’m here writing: it will be okay! I shouldn’t have stressed at all. The flights were fine, my health was fine, everything was fine. No, PERFECT. The build up and countdown to the trip nearly did me in, but I promise you… it will all pass. Every single second of my trip was a dream. I’m sure your’s will be too!

I will say…prayer helped me calm down. I know you are probably already doing that, so just keep praying for peace and strength and have a wonderful trip. I’ll keep you in my prayers. (Also, flights coming this way from Europe are always fast – I’m sure you’ll even arrive early. We did!)

London tips: Warner Brothers tour was amazing (so was the Cursed Child play- tickets aren’t actually “sold out”…walk into the Box Office and ask); The Orangery for tea at Kensington Palace; the Diana exhibit at Kensington Palace; The Imperial War Museum was amazing; and the Sunday Evensong service at Oxford’s Christ Church was unreal.

Jenna Wilber

Thanks so much for the suggestions and solidarity!! And great to hear about Cursed Child because I was pretty bummed to miss….


I read Anne of Green Gables for the first time a couple summers ago and I had a hard time getting into it (despite being told all my life that I remind people of Anne). However, I do think I would have really enjoyed reading it as a carefree ten-year-old more than as an adult with all the anxieties and pressures that come with adulthood.


Be prepared to cry while reading “The Nightingale”. I cried a few times because I can’t imagine living through a war and then it made me just sad thinking about the refugees. Excellent book though.


I wouldn’t panic about Anne of Green Gables. I am a woman, and a Catholic. I loved the books as a child, but haven’t felt the need to re-visit them as an adult. Maybe you’ll just enjoy reading them to your daughter when she’s older?


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