7 Quick Takes: Noobie

I’m really bad at blogging but something I always love are 7 quick takes. Short and sweet and totally doable and 100% off topic but still on topic. Perfect.


So today is day 3 of straight up no diapers all day (still a nighttime diaper because I don’t feel like washing bedding everyday). He’s been so great telling me when he needs to go when we’re out. Just had one accident while out when I was in the confessional (¯_(ツ)_/¯). Poops however…

How cute are little butts in little undies.


2. DAY

Today is one of the psycho days where it’s just nonstop “are you kidding me?” moments. However, here are the lessons I learned by noon today:

– Don’t trust Oliver when he says he doesn’t have to poop anymore after only sitting on the potty for a few seconds.

– Don’t bring a crawling baby to a prenatal appointment, especially while potty training a toddler and when you need to leave a pee sample and when you are stuck in an exam room for 20 minutes.


– Don’t let a crawling baby in the kitchen because they will find a stray piece of cat poop and rub it on their face.

– Examine your child’s mouth often so you can catch the onset of thrush, but also try not to discover this while wrangling them at said prenatal appointment.



Ughhhh, why does it have to look so gross? I guess I’m lucky I’ve made it this long as a parent without having to deal with this?? Boiling all his pacis and bottles, apple cider vinegar mouth swabs, apple cider vinegar bath, disinfecting everything he sucks on*.  He’s been battling a bad rash for a while that is finally almost cleared up so I’m sure that’s a contributor and he’s had a huge drool rash that probably has thrushy bacteria all over it.

*which is everything in my house


We are finally having our garage sale this Saturday. Any tips on getting the big crowds rollin in?


I want more tips. I’ve made a registry at diapers.com (instead of my usual Amazon) because they sent me a 15% off coupon code that everyone who orders from my registry can use. Good deal to me. But I want to know what other people feel like are must haves even though this is baby #3.


This past week Daniel and I highly considered getting a baby bunny. We went out on a date on Saturday and we started talking about it and he said, “Do we really want another mouth to feed?”. We are no longer getting a bunny.

Daniel’s childhood dog Maggie passed away while we were on that date. Oliver got to play with her in her final hours which is so bittersweet. RIP Maggie girl!



Ali has been doing these weekly pregnancy updates that are super cute so here’s a random one for me this week:

How far along: 22 weeks on Friday
Fruit/Vegetable comparison: Spaghetti Squash – 11 inches and 1 pound!
Total weight gain:  5 pounds (pretty sure I was clocking in around +20 by now when I was pregnant with Ollie). Here’s to having an (inconsistent) appetite again!
Baby’s new developments: “Your baby now looks like a miniature newborn”
Sleep: Had my first two leg cramps this week in the middle of the night which suckkkkk. Crazy dreams and bouts of restlessness in the middle of the night, but I have been able to stay up past 9 which in my eyes is a good week.
Best moment of the week: Getting a new hat and maxi dress from Anthro. Going out to dinner with Daniel in Eagle Rock last weekend at Little Beast. So yum.
Pregnancy related would be the ob telling me that I would have this baby’s blood type within the first 24 hours so I can see if I would need the Rhogam shot after birth and that they take the blood from the cord.
Miss anything?: Sounds so awful but I want a good buzz. Missing a Ventiki Mai Tai.
Movement: Yep, I usually don’t notice them until the boys are in bed when I’m finally settling down and sitting still.
Food cravings: Oh boy. Turkey hot dogs and lunch meat and rice krispie treats and Oreo blizzards from Dr. Conkey’s. The worst.
Symptoms: A couple leg cramps, nausea here and there, mood swings, not being able to lay flat on my back
Looking forward to: My huge belly in endless maxi dresses

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