7 Quick Takes: Catch up

Just going to jump right in…

1. 5 Kitchen Items

Inspired by Blythe Inspired by Kate, here are Daniel’s top 5 favorite kitchen items:

1. “You…thanks Kirby. No but really, no kids.”


He really loves locking the kids out of the kitchen and our new house is pretty good at that with the side door to the hallway and baby gate.

2.  ”Our juicer for making grapefruit juice.”

We just have some cheap Black and Decker we got as a wedding gift that we didn’t use until this year.

3. “Our taco bell sauce drawer.”

imageOur new kitchen has a TONNNNNN of storage and yes, this is the most wasted drawer.

4. “The fridge water.”

So luxurious.

5. “Pull out trash cans. You know you’ve arrived when you have pull out trash cans.”


*eye roll*, but they are nice except that when Atlas gets past that baby gate, he pulls out the trash can and sucks on the edge of it…

2. SO Different

Lately I’ve been giving Ollie and Atlas the same amount of food for their meals. Difference is that Atlas eats all of his, tries to lick the bowl clean, will sometimes even eat the crumbs under his high chair.


Ollie will take two bites and the rest of the meal is a constant reminder that he doesn’t get any treats until he finishes that meal.


“It’s so hard. I need help. It’s too soft. It’s too crunchy. I’m just a little bit sick now. I have a stomachache and need a break.”. He has the biggest sweet tooth. Earlier I was trying to be preventative of possible jealous fits and was talking to him about how tomorrow at Atlas’ party, Atlas will be opening gifts and we are going to sing happy birthday to him and that his birthday is so soon and he can have a party. And in his quiver, heartbreaking voice he says,”I I I I no want a party and see people. I don’t like parties. Parties are scary.”  ME: “That’s okay Ollie, we can have a little little party with only our best friends.” O: “NO! I want a party with a big cake.”

3. Heartbreaker

Oliver seriously breaks my heart all the time. He is so sweet and well-intended and gets so over emotional sometimes. This morning as Daniel and Scott were leaving for work, I jokingly said, “Okay Ollie, you’re going to watch baby. I’m off to work! Bye!” and slowly walked towards the door making a silly face and he got all shaky and fell to the floor crying saying how he didn’t want me to go to work and how scared he felt and agreed that it was a really bad joke. I thought it would be so obvious that I wouldn’t be leaving in my disheveled morning look of an unbrushed knotted braid, baggy pajamas, and no shoes. Poor guy. So to help rid myself of guilt, I let him pick out M&Ms at Fresh&Easy and was going to drive by the house around the block from us that has this bunny out front he loves. As I U-Turn to park in front of the house the front tire hits this pokey part of the curb and I instantly get a flat tire…

image image

We get out to see the bunny who was now frightened from the sound of us barging in and won’t come out of it’s cage. We gather our bags of groceries and start our walk home and Ollie says, “I’m a little bit sad now. About our black car.”. Fail.

4. Potty Training/Thrush Update

Thrush is gone! The Apple Cider Vinegar mouth swags took care of Atlas’ mouth pretty quickly, but no natural remedy was working on his diaper rash (plain yogurt, calendula, coconut/olive oil, ACV, airing it out), so I got the Target brand anti-fungal foot cream and it cleared it up within a couple days.

Ollie hasn’t had anymore poop accidents since my breakdown last week after him pooping in his undies 4 days in a row. I say we are at about a 30% of being potty trained. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

5. Atlas. Go to Sleep.

After having a pretty good week of sleep, I was questioning how much I really wanted to invest in helping Atlas start to sleep in his crib/through the night but then last night happened. He woke up every hour from 11pm-7am. Crying each time because he wanted to sleep on top of me or didn’t want his bottle or threw his pacis, etc. I haven’t started implementing any of my phases yet, so he’s still in our bed/side car crib. Starting next week we are going to start a modified version of Dr. Jay Gordon’s night weaning method to transition Atlas into his crib (still in our room but not next to our bed). We pretty much followed this when we night weaned Ollie around 18/19 months and it worked really well, so here’s so it working again!

6. Isn’t  __  kids enough for you? 

That is probably one of the rudest and sadly most common questions I’ve heard people with a handful of kids get asked. I know I am totally guilty of once throwing our phrases like “Over population! Thomas Malthus! Birth control! World Hunger!” and it wasn’t until my African Ecology class at UCLA that I learned that the world currently produces enough food for each person to consume 3000 calories a day and the main issue for starvation and hunger in Africa is due to when Africa was colonized and the soil was misused and certain non-native crops were introduced and depleted the soil of so many nutrients. Now people are working to reteach old pre-colonial agricultural methods that restore the soil to be able to produce food year round.

Anyway… (having a degree in geography is useless they said) back to having larger families. When I announced this pregnancy, I was asked this question and wasn’t sure how to respond. I was so shocked I was being asked this because 3 kids doesn’t even seem like a large family to me anymore after becoming part of this community. I know there has to be some response that is so on point and that isn’t equally condescending. What would you say!? And those who share that curiosity of why a certain amount of children is “not enough” for someone, please explain yourself further.

7. Pregnancy!

How far along: 24 Weeks/6 months

Fruit/Vegetable comparison: Ear of Corn, over a pound and about 12 in long

Total weight gain:  Not sure! I’m guessing my recent influx of bad food cravings will be putting me around the 10 lb mark.

Baby’s new developments: Taste buds!
Sleep: Alright up until last night. If I pee, then wait 10 min and pee again before bed I can most likely make it all night without having to get up.
Best moment of the week: Ollie putting his ear to my stomach and saying, “Whoa! I hear her heartbeep! She kicking!” and Atlas taking a couple steps! He’s not walking yet, but I see him beating Ollie (13.75 months)
Miss anything?: Not getting as annoyed over Facebook posts.
Movement: A lotttttt. Mostly in the evening when I’m not so active.
Food cravings: Chocolate shake, Wood Ranch Oreo ice cream ball thing, Oreos, Nutterbutters, Cheesecake. Helpmeeee.
Symptoms: I’ve had a few lightheaded/dizzy spells where I need to sit down or lay down to feel better. It usually helps if I eat/drink something. I’ve also had a lot of braxton hicks.
Looking forward to: Atlas’ birthday party tomorrow!
I didn’t proofread this, sorry!

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