Yucatan 2017: Parte 1

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Hola! (sorry had to) Look at me getting out a trip recap within the same month as the trip. V proud over here. Last time we went to Tulum in 2015, it took me MONTHS to finally type out part 1 and part 2. I’m going to split this trip up into 2 parts again because 2 posts with photo overload is better than 1.

Let’s start with how this trip came to be. We have been asking ourselves when we would go back ever since we flew home on our first trip. Flights are fairly cheap from LA to Cancun ($200ish roundtrip!), but obviously that adds up quickly as a family of 5. I’ve had people comment to me, “Wow, you’re so lucky how can you afford traveling!” and the answer to that is that we try to take advantage of credit card points/airline miles/tracking fares/traveling in the off season to make it affordable! So we were able to cover the flights (minus tax) with VirginAmerica airline miles and some hotel with credit card points.


**All the amazing photos are via Scott, all the okay iPhone photos are via moi.


Thankfully Virgin only has a direct flight from LAX-CUN especially after our little mishap in Mexico City last time, so the flight was about 4.5 hours which was manageable. We sat Atlas/Me/Prim —-aisle—- Oliver/Daniel/EMPTY SEAT! When we travel, I surprise the kids with a new activity/toy in their backpack to hopefully keep them somewhat occupied. This time I got them all one of those mess free marker + coloring book sets and secretly bought Moana and put it on the iPad which was such a lifesaver because we set the kids up in the row together and put on Moana and I napped for 20 on the extra seat, so win-win. They also got to pack a handful of whatever they could fit and carry in their backpack and also their own water bottle and some snacks. We also happen to have 2 old iPhones plus that iPad mentioned so those also kept the kids occupied.

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We landed, got our rental car which was supposed to have 2 boosters and an infant seat we reserved but this was all we got—

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We got to our hotel and caught the “just after sunset” beauty on the Caribbean really quick.

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Ollie’s death grip is only second to mine.

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Bye Bye Bye First Tri

Clever title, right? -______-
Well, I thought I would pop in with one of those cheesy pregnancy update posts here and there, mostly just for me to look back on since somehow we all get amnesia when it comes to babies.


How far along? 13 weeks!

How big is the baby? Pea pod? Peach? Size Me Up app says rubber duck.

Total weight gain/loss? My biggest blessings in the first trimester is that I don’t throw up and I lose weight, so last time I was at the OBs I was about 5 pounds lighter than my before pregnancy weight (not pre-kids FYI), but pretty sure I’ve gained that all back. Let’s just say that the 9am ice cream sandwich eating probably isn’t helping.

Maternity clothes? Well, I’m kind of a stink and don’t like to buy maternity clothes and would rather just wear flowy shirts, leggings, dresses, elastic waisted shorts, etc. But I did just make my first ever big maternity purchase and got a this pair of Madewell maternity jeans because all my high waisted jeans that typically contain the 3 baby pooch aren’t working anymore. I’m also living in these leggings.

Sleep? I actually have been having some pregnancy insomnia and pass out early than wake up in the middle of the night and struggle with falling back to sleep, but this time change seems to have cured it!?

Best moment this week? Ollie was really upset over something and asked if he could just cuddle the baby and snuggled into my tummy.

Symptoms? My nausea is pretty much gone, but I’m still so tired. Constantly exhausted is what my first trimester usually looks like.

Food cravings? Mostly ice cream, cereal, smoothies. All the dairy.

Food aversions? Nothing specific actually. Just random things that sound awful one day and fine the next. Early on it was hamburgers and chicken!? So weird.

Gender? No idea. I had a day when I felt so strongly that we were having a girl and we figured out her potential name, but then I think that night I dreamt I had a boy. This is the first time I think I haven’t had a strong pull towards either gender. We are seriously considering not finding out which feels so nuts for me because I am such a planner.

Milestones? We got to see the baby at 10 weeks and he/she was SO active. When looking at the ultrasound I got little flashbacks to Atlas’ ultrasounds then got emotional thinking about another babe like Atlas man.

Bump? Yup! My stomach pops out quickly so my bump is pretty large already. If you’re newish to the blog, just wait until I am full term…

Wonderful kid photographers.

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Baby Babe

I’m sure you saw my post on instagram but if not….

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baby baby baby. I’m 10 weeks tomorrow. Prim is going to be a big sister!? My forever baby. I feel like I have so much to catch up on here about how it all came to be (don’t worry, no specifics).
Well first, can I get an Amen Hallelujah PTL for NFP?! 2 years of Marquette Method. Thanks to NFPing, I knew pretty much as soon as I could find out. We were in Lake Arrowhead over New Years and I was feeling OFF towards the end of the trip. We got back and I knew it was too early to test but I did anyway and got a negative. The next day I tested again and got this:



There was the FAINTEST line, but I didn’t put much faith into it. Then Amina brought me fancy Clearblue Digital tests and it said, “NOT PREGNANT”. Rumor has it that if you open the test, you can just read the stick so I did and look here:


2 lines! Pregnant! We weren’t shocked because #charting, but SO excited. Later that night I was reading about digital tests on my phone and came across a forum that said all digital tests have 2 lines and not to open them and read them because it doesn’t mean anything…. I felt crushed! I was so upset and it sounds silly, but I felt almost like I lost this hypothetical baby. I didn’t realize how bad I wanted that test to be positive until I found out it really was a negative. The next morning I went to Mass alone and prayed about it and asked God to please just give me a clear positive or negative test today even though it’s still so early (9 DPO for those of you who care) because I can’t handle not knowing and was really upset over the false hope of the digital so afterwards I went and picked up First Response tests and rushed home and took one and…



Yes! My babe. Yes, I want you! I didn’t know how much I needed you already! And isn’t it funny that 4 pregnancies in and I still force myself to take a million tests. Not shown is the other Clearblue digital test I took the next day that came up “PREGNANT”.

We told the kids that night while we were driving home from the beach and they had the best responses. Ollie said, “WHAT!? How do you EVEN know for sure!?” Atlas just stared like this:


then he finally said, “I want the baby nowwwwwww!”. Prim got all scrunchy and cutesy and said, “I a baby Mama….. I a rock the baby.” with hand motions and all. Since then, Ollie asks me a few times a week what the baby has grown so far and even he is amazed knowing that this tiny human baby the size of a kumquat has all the essential body parts accounted for— eyes, brain, heart, ear lobes, nostrils, arms, legs. A HUMAN. Atlas still keeps asking when the baby is going to come out. Prim, little Prim, can be found cuddling her baby on the daily and insists it’s her baby sister.

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We got our first ultrasound today and it was as magical as ever. Heartbeat was strong and 167bpm… girl?? The babe was wiggling like crazy but I got a quick glimpse of the tiny profile and I swear I saw an Atlas resemblance.

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Overall I’ve been feeling OKAY— compared to so many woman who suffer so much more than I do while pregnant. I’ve been really exhausted, on and off very nauseous where I’ve had to post up in bed, and if you ask around the house I’m pretty sure everyone would agree that I have been quite moody. Being 5’2.5″, I’m already showing and my uterus is like, I know what to do and popped out pretty quickly. We are all so excited to share this news with everyone and so far everyone has been extremely positive which has been a blessing because that’s not always the case when you announce a 4th+ pregnancy. Thank you all for the kind words and congratulations we’ve been given so far. Can’t wait to share this all and see how this babes story unfolds.


7QT: Flu, 10k, Gravendor, + Little Women

Here’s the bi-monthly blog post you all have been waiting for!

1. Stomach flu

We went out to breakfast for my grandmas’s birthday and Prim celebrated by barfing up all her chocolate pancake and hashbrown shreds all over herself, me, carseat, car while we were 1.5 hours from home! Atlas went down next (luckily at home) and Ollie, me, and Daniel all survived with only stomachaches. This photo was taken 5 minutes before she barfed…

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2. 10,000 steps to Mexico

… is the name I have given my very rigorous exercise plan I started a few weeks ago in hope of looking alright when we go to Mexico at the end of the month. I got a new Albion fit swimsuit that actually made me feel BETTER about myself after I put it on so it is definitely a keeper. My goal has been 10k steps every day M-F. I’m pretty sure my neverending laps around the house to hit 10k is kind of stressing Poppy out but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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Pretty sure the only physical change has been my booty butt (as my kids call it) getting smaller… I should be happy but I would have preferred you know… like my thighs or waist or love handles. Why can’t you choose where you lose inches!?, but it feels good to doing something consistent everyday.

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7QT: Arrowhead, AncestryDNA, + Annoying Things

It’s not Friday but feels like it should be so why not jump into 7 quick takes a day early.

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1. Arrowhead

We had SO much fun in Lake Arrowhead. We went last year for New Years too, but this year was better because there was actually snow at the cabin so we didn’t have to drive even farther up the mountain to find some. Highlight was sledding. We brought a shovel and helped carve out a very intense sledding hill that probably wasn’t very suitable for little kids, but we dragged them on it anyway. Ollie said the sweetest thing to Daniel while sledding—

“I think Our Lady of Olives is having fun, too.”

“Is she watching you?”

“No, she’s right next to me.”

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Primrose was pretty much crying the entire time sledding because “snow in my eyes!” but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, we didn’t let it ruin us taking a cutesy photo together.

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2. AncestryDNA


GUYS I AM SCANDINAVIAN. Dreams do come true. I feel like calling the blog Wilber Huset is now justified. Daniel got me AncestryDNA for Christmas and I made him give it to me early so I could send it in ASAP. I’m a little surprised by my breakdown because I thought I would be less British—still a lot, but not 55%, and more Italian (my olive skin and features) + Europe West (I’m French and first generation German). I had suspicions of being Spanish and Scandinavian so that’s cool to be validated. I want to have everyone do this. Have you done it?? Tell me about your results!

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